Digital Nomads in Africa

With 2,200+ members from across Africa, and around the world, we have the biggest community dedicated to digital nomads in Africa. Get the latest honest, up-to-date, local knowledge, connect with fellow nomads, find the best coworking spaces and tour companies – and much more.  


This is a collaboration between Africa-based location independent entrepreneurs, remote workers, and freelancers.

We’re combining our knowledge and passion about travel in Africa and it’s potential as a destination for remote works, to build a community that spans the continent, starting in East Africa.

We’re creating a unique travel guide, pooling the best local talents together and crafting content for international and local readers, written by African experts. 

We hope to inspire you to rethink what you know about Africa, travelling here, working online and much more.

Our main goals can be summarised as follows:

1) Give young writers, creatives & entrepreneurs across Africa a platform to share their stories, ideas, businesses and talents.

2) Build a pan-African community of location independent entrepreneurs, remote workers, and freelancers. 

Create unique travel guides and resources, written by local talent in destinations across the continent.

3) Put all of Africa on the map for digital nomads and travellers looking for incredible, exciting, unique places to work from and travel to.

4) Change the narrative that it is impossible to work online in Africa and become THE resource for traveling and working online here.

Here’s a few ways you can  contribute and support us:

1) Join our Facebook community.

2) Spread the word and share the website with your friends.

3) Contribute to a city guide or write a blog post.

4) Listen to Conor’s interview on Digital Nomad Cafe. 

5) Get in touch with any ideas, questions or suggestions you have about working online in Africa.