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The Best Coliving Spaces in Africa

Find the best coliving spaces across the continent. From South Africa to Morocco, they have everything you need for a productive stay.

Africa’s coliving spaces offer the best of all worlds: convenience, comfort, community, and functionality. 

They’re not just places to sleep and work. They’re ready-made communities where you’ll find friends and travel buddies to experience Africa’s best digital nomad destinations.  

So, without further ado, we’ve compiled the 9 best coliving spaces across Africa. From South Africa to Morocco, they span the continent and offer everything you need to work remotely and create unforgettable memories. 

Including backup power and high-speed WiFi. 😉 

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From Cape Town or Casablanca, we’ve got everything you need for an unforgettable trip: 

Coliving Spaces in Southern Africa

1. WildWifi, Windhoek, Namibia

Located in the heart of Windhoek, WildWifi is the perfect homebase to explore Namibia’s spectacular nature and unique coastal getaways. 

The coliving space includes spacious rooms (with dedicated workspaces), a shared lounge and coworking desks, pool, kitchen, laundry, and every other convenience. You’ll be hosted by a community manager ready to assist with your every need. And downtown Windhoek is only a short drive away. 

But the highlight of WildWifi is the community. Currently, they run monthly coliving retreats, with everyone starting on the same day. So, you have a ready-made community to join and explore Namibia with. During your stay, the community manager will help you plan safaris, surf trips, camping adventures, and anything else you fancy. 

Namibia is one of the most unique countries in Africa. And WildWifi can be your gateway to explore it, creating unforgettable memories while making friendships that last a lifetime. 

2. Neighbourgood, Cape Town, South Africa

Neighourgood has more than 10 coliving spaces and apartment buildings spread throughout Cape Town and its suburbs. 

You can choose between living in the vibrant city center, walking distance to Cape Town’s world-renowned restaurants, bars, nightlife, theaters, and other attractions. If you prefer the beach life, the Camps Bay location is perfect. For something in between city and beach life, the Cape Quarter and Green Point locations deliver. 

The coliving spaces are a mix of apartments and hotel-style suites, with modern finishings and private workspaces. Communal spaces differ in each one, but you can expect shared kitchens, coworking spaces, fitness rooms, rooftop terraces, swimming pools, private gardens, and much more. 

Regardless of which Neighbourgood you choose, you’ll get access to every coliving space, coworking space, and community event. With so many locations, there’s plenty of nomads passing through every month – so you shouldn’t struggle to meet people during your stay. 

3. Salty Jackal, Swakopmund, Namibia

The Salty Jackal was built for surfers who love the coastal pace of life, sumptuous food shared with friends, early morning yoga sessions in the desert, and weekend adventures in the pack of 4×4. 

So, not a bad spot to work remotely, too. 

They have a coliving space in the center of Swakopmund (one of Africa’s premier surf spots) with five cozy bedrooms and every convenience. Your home away from home, you’ll be welcomed into a small crew of world travelers and nomads, ready to explore Namibia together or simply spend your time catching waves. 

When you need to get some work done, Salty Jackal has a dedicated coworking space a short walk from the main house. Or you can use the shared in, if you don’t mind some company. 

4. Cape Co-living, Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Co-Living in Cape Town is an exceptional choice if you seek a blend of historical charm and modern amenities. This coliving space is housed in a captivating 9-bedroom Cape Victorian guest house in one of the city’s most vibrant and secure areas – Greenpoint.

You have three options for accommodation – master balcony and loft suites – each offering a unique living experience. The rooms are comfortable and functional, equipped with well-appointed desks that create a productive workspace without your room. 

The standout features of Cape Co-Living are its 360-degree rooftop terrace and outdoor pool – both offering panoramic views of the seafront below. When you decide to leave the house, everything you need is within 10 minutes’ walk: supermarkets, gyms, restaurants, parks, and the famous V&A Waterfront. 

There’s a private WhatsApp group for residents, a dedicated community manager, and weekly events to make the most of your time. 

5. Ideas Cartel, Cape Town, South Africa

Ideas Cartel, renowned for its three upscale coworking spaces in Cape Town CBD, De Waterkant, and Claremont, extends its sophisticated approach to its coliving space (also located in De Waterkant). 

The serviced apartments that make up the coliving space seamlessly blend luxury, comfort, and functionality in a convenient location. Catering to professionals, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads, Ideas Cartel’s coliving spaces mirror the elegance and professionalism found in their coworking environments. Each living space is thoughtfully furnished, ensuring both style and practicality for an extended stay.

Residents can join regular social gatherings, workshops, and networking events that will quickly make you feel at home and help you build a community in Cape Town. 

Coliving Spaces in East Africa

6. Skippers Coliving, Diani, Kenya

Recently opened at the end of 2023, Skippers Coliving is already proving popular amongst nomads in East Africa. 

It’s conveniently located in downtown Diani – Kenya’s most popular beach town – and walking distance to the beach. You can book kitesurfing classes, motorbike tours, snorkeling, island trips, and a host of other activities to make the most of Kenya’s coastal attractions. 

Skippers’ rooms offer the best value in Diani, with backup power, AC, and private bathrooms. The shared lounge is perfect for connecting with fellow nomads, enjoying a daily healthy breakfast, or sharing a pizza from the on-site pizzeria. 

Dedicated workspaces provide a productive environment, and the staff are ready to help with tips and assistance in your every need. ​​

7. The Train’s House, Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Train’s House is a coworking and coliving space on the edge of Stone Town, Zanzibar’s historic capital. 

It’s one of the best coworking spaces in Zanzibar, with backup power, aircon, comfortable seating, and a meeting room when you need to make private calls. Due to Zanzibar’s internet and power issues, Train’s House is popular with nomads staying in Stone Town. So, you’ll have no problem meeting people working here. 

I haven’t seen the coliving space, but based on conversations with coworkers and staff, I believe it’s in the same building as the coworking space. It’s a mix of apartments with a shared kitchen and living space. 

Staying at The Train’s House means you’ll be a few minutes’ walk from Stone Town’s top attractions, restaurants, and coffee shops. Right outside your door, you’ll find the island’s main market, which buzzes with life from early morning to late evening. When you want to explore the rest of Zanzibar, the bus station and private taxis are nearby. 

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8. Africa Nomads, Lamu, Kenya

Lamu is a tiny island at the very Northern tip of Kenya. The oldest constantly inhabited Swahili settlement in Africa, it feels a world away from the mainland. The island is home to just 25,000 people, there’s no cars, and the main form of transport is… donkey. 

While Lamu’s remote location and lack of development are part of its charm, working remotely here has never really been possible. It’s one of the few places in Kenya where the internet is slow and unreliable. 

Africa Nomads has changed that. 

They run weekly and monthly coliving retreats in Shela, a beautiful town on the island’s north coast. You’ll get a private room in a traditional home fitted with contemporary touches and dedicated high-speed internet, backup power, and everything else you need for productive, uninterrupted work sessions. 

Use Africa Nomads as your base to explore Lamu’s historic Old Town, join boat trips to surrounding islands, or just sit under a palm tree with a cold drink, soaking up the island life. 

Coliving Spaces in North Africa

9. Sundesk, Taghazout, Morocco

Sundesk is the original coliving space in Africa – it’s been open for nearly 10 years (I think) and put Taghazout, a quaint fishing village on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, on the map for digital nomads. 

From the moment you step into Sundesk, you’re greeted with a warm, community-oriented atmosphere. Comfie workstations are bathed in natural light throughout the day. Or you can work from the rooftop terrace, enjoying the fresh sea breeze and stunning views down to the water. 

There’s daily breakfast and evening meals with your fellow coworkers. You can plan plenty of activities together once you’re done working. Taghazout is world-famous for its year-round surf. Or visit nearby towns and cities, including Marrakech, Essaouira, and Agadir. 

Rooms at Sundesk range from simple standard rooms big enough for couples to spacious penthouses with fully equipped kitchens, living rooms, and private terraces. 

What’s your favorite coliving space in Africa? 

If you know a fantastic coliving space in Africa that deserves lots of love and attention, let us know in our Facebook community, and we’ll add them to the list!

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