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WildWifi Coliving, Namibia

January - April 2024

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Coliving Facilities

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The Rooms
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Upcoming Retreat Dates
January – April 2024

At WildWifi, you step into a temporary retreat-based coliving experience in the heart of Windhoek, Namibia. It’s crafted for you, the digital nomad or remote worker seeking a purposeful life, aiming to excel in your work, and eager to dive into nature and wildlife through shared adventures. Immerse yourself in community meet-ups, embark on exciting weekend getaways, and join safaris — Truly a gateway to kickstarting an unforgettable African adventure. 

The Community
By committing to a minimum one-month stay, WildWifi cultivates a robust sense of community. This camaraderie further solidifies with everyone embarking on their coliving journey simultaneously at the beginning of each month and concluding it together on the same day. Participants are international professionals on average in their 30’s.

Wifi Connection
Windhoek is a well-developed capital with no power cuts or load-shedding. The Wifi at the Coliving Space is a 150 Mb stable fiber connection. Working from Coffe Shops is popular on an average of 20 Mb. Mobile data is affordable and well developed with a 4G connection around the whole city.  

Safety & Infrastructure
Namibia is known as one of Africa’s safest countries, known for its clean capital, and easy to explore as a tourist. Enjoy freely wandering and exploring, but stay cautious with valuables to avoid pickpocketing. Easily move around the city with local Ubers (Lefa) or take a short 5-minute walk to the nearest coffee shop. English is widely spoken, facilitating immersion into local culture. Conveniently, Namibia shares the Central European Time Zone and is just a 10-hour direct night flight from Frankfurt. Arriving in Nambia, the capital is only a 30-40-minute drive from the international Airport Hosea Kutako. 

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