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The Best Coworking Spaces in Africa for Digital Nomads

Africa is full of fantastic coworking spaces, from Cairo to Cape Town to Conakry.

However, most don’t suit digital nomads. They’re more focused on corporate clients or social impact initiatives. If you’re looking for community, events, and group activities – you might be disappointed. 

So, I compiled a list of the best coworking spaces in Africa for digital nomads. To create the list, I asked our African digital nomad community for their top picks, and used my experience working remotely on the continent since 2016. 

Without further ado, here are the best coworking spaces in every region of Africa – tailored to nomads. 

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From Cape Town or Casablanca, we’ve got everything you need for an unforgettable trip: 

Southern Africa


1. WildWifi, Windhoek

Located in the heart of Windhoek, WildWifi is the perfect homebase to explore Namibia’s spectacular nature and unique coastal getaways. 

The coliving space includes spacious rooms (with dedicated workspaces), a shared lounge and coworking desks, pool, kitchen, laundry, and every other convenience. You’ll be hosted by a community manager ready to assist with your every need. And downtown Windhoek is only a short drive away. 

But the highlight of WildWifi is the community. Currently, they run monthly coliving retreats, with everyone starting on the same day. So, you have a ready-made community to join and explore Namibia with. During your stay, the community manager will help you plan safaris, surf trips, camping adventures, and anything else you fancy. 

Namibia is one of the most unique countries in Africa. And WildWifi can be your gateway to explore it, creating unforgettable memories while making friendships that last a lifetime. 

2. Desert & Ocean Coworking, Swakopmund

Desert & Ocean Coworking offers a unique work-travel experience in Swakopmund, Namibia’s surf capital and gateway to the enchanting Skeleton Coast. 

Additionally, their partnership with Damarana Safaris ensures that while weekdays are dedicated to productive work, weekends are reserved for unforgettable journeys, exploring Namibia’s diverse beauty.

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3. Nomad’s Land, Victoria Falls

Nomad’s Land is fantastic coworking space in the heart of downtown Victoria Falls. It has everything you need to stay online, including backup power, universal sockets, friendly and supportive staff, and aircon. When you need to take a break, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants outside the door, the Falls are a short walk away, too. 

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4. Impact Hub, Harare, Zimbabwe 

In case you’ve never heard of them before, Impact Hub is a global chain of community and impact-focused coworking spaces. The spaces are always well-managed and a hub (#notsorry) for local tech and entrepreneurship communities. So, there’s always interesting people hanging around. 

Impact Hub Harare provides a quiet environment to work, with regular events if you feel like networking while in town. It’s a short distance from central Harare and easily accessible by taxi. 

South Africa

5. Workshop17, Cape Town and Johannesburg

Workshop17 is South Africa’s premier coworking space chain. 

It has spaces conveniently located throughout Cape Town and Johannesburg. Each one has a unique vibe and design, and share some common traits: excellent facilities, flexible pricing, onsite cafes and restaurants, amazing staff, and much more. 

Once you join one Workshop17 space, even on a flexible plan or day pass, you can extend your membership to the spaces in another city. You can walk in, automatically connect the Wifi, and get set up in less than 2 minutes. 

Workshop17 also has spaces in Mauritius, for when you decide to visit the island paradise.

6. WeWork, Cape Town and Johannesburg 

WeWork has one location in Cape Town CBD and two in Joburg’s main business districts – Sandton and Rosebank. 

Each location lives up to the brand’s reputation for modern, comfortable, well-maintained spaces focusing on community. They’re also incredibly cheap compared to some rivals. 

If you just need a shared desk for the day and don’t want to spend too much money, WeWork is a great choice. 

7. Hallmark House, Johannesburg

Hallmark House is a popular design hotel and residential apartment building in downtown Joburg. The beautiful building includes:

  • Two workspaces (ground floor and rooftop)
  • A small gym
  • Rooftop nightclub
  • A basement jazz bar
  • 24/7 security
  • A backup generator.

I lived and worked here for two weeks in 2023 and recommend it to anyone visiting Joburg for the first time.

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8. Ideas Cartel, Cape Town

Ideas Cartel has three locations in Cape Town CBD and upscale De Waterkant neighborhood. 

The shared workspaces are defined by plush furnishings, warm mood lighting, lots of leather, and dark wood. It’s a classy setting to spend the day, with all the amenities you need to stay productive and online. 

Ideas Cartel may be the most popular coworking space in Cape Town for digital nomads. They host regular meetups, get-togethers, and open coworking days. 

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9. The Works @ Latitude 15 Degrees, Lusaka

A beautiful coworking club in Lusaka’s most popular boutique hotel. I spent a day working here, and enjoyed jumping between the indoor workspaces, outdoor lounge and pool, and cafe. The decor is a delightful mix of traditional African and contemporary touches, with plenty of quiet workspaces and meeting rooms.

The staff is super friendly, and the hotel’s restaurant has a fascinating menu. Try the crocodile, if you’re so inclined. 

Honestly, The Works was the highlight of my trip to Lusaka – which was otherwise unremarkable. 

East Africa


10. Pallet Cafe, Diani

Pallet Cafe is a stunning beachfront restaurant with dedicated workspaces. Spending a day working here, you’ll enjoy freaky caught seafood, expertly brewed coffee, a relaxing atmosphere, and spectacular views. Not to mention, the Indian Ocean is only a few meters away. 

I basically live in Pallet Cafe whenever I visit Diani. 

And you probably will, too!

11. Ikigai, Nairobi

Ikigai is a chain of beautiful outdoor and indoor coworking spaces across Nairobi. They’re perfect if you like to mix nature with work, offering serene environments in convenient locations.

The spaces also emphasize sustainability and wellness, hosting events related to these themes. And they’re home to the best baristas in Kenya.

12. Nairobi Garage, Nairobi

Another popular coworking chain in Nairobi. Nairobi Garage is more corporate than Ikiagi but also cheaper, with more flexible packages starting from ~$50/month. The decor is simple but functional, and they have everything you need for a productive day’s work. 

13. Jenga Leo, Nairobi

A spacious, nicely decorated coworking space in Nairobi’s main business area – Westlands. There’s a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, a restaurant, rooftop bar, and in-house gym personal trainers. 

Jenga Leo has an abundance of shared workspaces and private booths across two floors of a big office building. So, even when it’s busy, it never feels crowded.

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14. The Train’s House, Zanzibar

The Train’s House is the most popular coworking space in Zanzibar. It’s located on the edge of Stone Town’s old town and walking distance from most accommodations in the city. 

You’ll find everything you need for a productive work day: backup power, aircon, phone booths, a cafe, and plenty of eateries close by. They also host weekly events for members and have some coliving apartments next door. 

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15. Ndoto Compass, Moshi

Ndoto Compass provides a versatile coworking space open seven days a week and conveniently located in downtown Moshi. 

The internet is fast and reliable, there’s free tea and coffee, and it’s always a quiet atmosphere even when busy. Staff are friendly and helpful to international visitors. 

16. ZO Spaces, Dar es Salaam

ZO Spaces has a couple of branches in Tanzania’s capital. The best for digital nomads is located at the Slipway in Masaki. The Slipway is a popular shopping and dining area amongst tourists and Tanzanians. So, a great spot to get some fresh air between work sessions. 

The coworking space is ultra-modern, with beautiful workspaces, plenty of aircon, soundproof phone booths, and everything else you need. It’s also quiet. I didn’t see anyone else working there on my visits. So, come for productivity over community. 


17. Hive Colab, Kampala

I worked from Hive Colab all the way back in 2016. It was my first time in Africa, managing a backpacker hostel for 6 months. I would come to Hive Collab when I needed a break or more reliable internet. 

I honestly can’t believe it’s still open, and don’t know what to expect these days. But when I worked there, it was simple, functional, friendly, and safe in a convenient location. 

18. Circular Design Hub, Kampala

Circular Design Hub Kampala offers a collaborative coworking environment for diverse professionals, from entrepreneurs to tech startups. 

Emphasizing the economic value of creativity and ‘design thinking,’ it’s a comfortable workspace for independent startups and consultants, promoting sharing, engagement, and collaboration between members.

The location is a bit far from central Kampala, but easily accessible with an Uber. There’s an in-house cafe, with a gym and shopping mall closeby. So, once you arrive in the morning, you can easily stay in the area all day.


19. BlueSpace, Addis Ababa

BlueSpace is a modern coworking space in Addis Ababa’s popular “downtown” area, Bole. It’s comfortable, brightly lit, and has everything you need for a productive day. 

My favorite thing about BlueSpace is the daily coffee ceremony. Everyone is invited to stop working and join a traditional coffee break with your coworkers. You sit in a big circle and chat aimlessly for as long as you choose, then return to work. Amazing!

20. Iceaddis, Addis Ababa

A pioneer in the Ethiopian startup scene, known for its vibrant community and regular events that bring together innovators and creators. The space offers a collaborative environment with a focus on social impact projects.

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21. Norrsken House, Kigali

Norrsken House is a stunning coworking space built in a former international school by a Nordic venture capital fund (Norrsken).

While serving as Norrsken’s HQ for their East Africa investments, its become the premier coworking space for Rwanda’s rapidly growing startup scene. It’s a huge complex of indoor and outdoor workspaces, landscaped gardens, and modern amenities. 

For nomads, it’s the best place in Kigali to work, meet interesting locals, attend cool events, and get insider tips on things to do in the city. 

22. Impact Hub Kigali, Kigali

Impact Hub Kigali combines a coworking space with a community center in a comfortable setting. It has everything you need to work, including relaxation areas and a large balcony – for when you need to recharge and catch some fresh air. 

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North Africa


23. SunDesk Coworking, Taghazout

Sundesk is the OG digital nomad coworking space in Morocco – actually, all of Africa. 

It’s been open almost a decade, and remains popular for its comfortable indoor and outdoor workspaces, community events, laid-back vibe, and excellent location in the heart of Taghazout. You’ll only be a few minutes from the beach, and you’ll make plenty of friends to enjoy it with. 

24. Windy Bay Space, Taghazout

Windy Bay Space provides a unique work environment with a stunning beach view. Spread across two floors, and meters from the beach, you can enjoy high-speed internet, complimentary drinks and snacks, and amazing assistance from the team that runs it. 

25. Atlas Wonders Coworking Surf Camp, Tamraght

Situated near Taghazout , Agadir, and Marrakech – Atlas Wonders provides an ideal location for both work and adventure. 

The surf camp is just minutes from the ocean, offering breathtaking views, sunsets, and world-class waves at your doorstep. This setting perfectly combines work with Morocco’s enchanting culture, food, and natural beauty​.

The coworking space at Atlas Wonders has 500 mbps fiber-optic connectivity and comfortable seats, ensuring that digital nomads have a reliable and comfortable workspace. The camp offers surf and yoga coaching with licensed coaches who cater to all levels, from complete beginners to advanced surfers and yogis​​.

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26. El Coworking Space, Dahab

El Coworking offers a modern but cozy space meters from the Red Sea, with a stunning view of the crystal clear waters. 

The internet is fast and reliable, with backup connections and servers in case of any disruption. There’s plenty of workspaces to choose from. The coffee is fantastic and the staff is always available to help. 

Dahab is known for its pristine beaches, mesmerizing coral reefs, and a relaxing promenade steps away from the coworking space. This allows you to easily transition from work to leisure, immersing yourself in the natural beauty and recreational activities. 

27. Mojo Cowork Cafe, Dahab

Mojo Cowork Cafe is a 4-in-1 package: a cafe, coworking space, watersports center, and accommodation provider. The food is tasty and the location is amazing. The coworking space has fast, reliable internet, plenty of quiet spots to work, and aircon!

Mojo attracts an international crowd of digital nomads, pro athletes, lifestyle rebels, and fun-seekers for its unique atmosphere. When you’re finished working for the day, join a scuba trip, tour of the desert, learn to free drive… or just hang out and soak up the vibe. 

28. 302Labs Coworking Space, Cairo

If you’re visiting Cairo, 302Labs Coworking Space in Nasr City offers a professional workspace and convenient location. Founded by freelancers, the coworking space caters specifically to the needs of independent workers and teams, providing reliable internet and a comfortable environment.

While Nasr City may not be a traditional tourist hotspot, it offers a unique perspective on the local culture and lifestyle, modern amenities, and easy access to various parts of the city.

​​The coworking space itself is thoughtfully designed with dedicated work desks, comfortable chairs, and cozy relaxation areas. It’s got amenities like high-speed WIFI, a photo studio, and event space. For leisure, members can enjoy facilities like an XBOX and darts.

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29. Orbit Coworking & Training Space, Algiers

Orbit Coworking & Training Space in Algiers offers a unique blend of a modern and fully equipped workspace with a dynamic, community-focused atmosphere.

It has the most interesting facilities on this list: air purifiers, comfortable bean bags, biometric access, a cafeteria, cat-friendly areas, customer support, drinking water, a library, mail handling, a nap room, an onsite cafeteria, a pool table, and a washroom​​. 

And while Orbit hosts lots of trainings and workshops, don’t worry. These are kept separate from the coworking space, so you won’t be disturbed while you work.

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30. The Green Box, Tunis

The Green Box is Tunisia’s first eco-friendly coworking space.

It’s known for its cozy and relaxed atmosphere, with various open spaces, private rooms, and meeting rooms available. But The Green Box goes beyond being just a workspace; it actively fosters a green, eco-friendly community with a strong commitment to sustainability​​.

You’ll have the opportunity to engage with the local ecosystem is invaluable. Green Box hosts in-house events, talks, and workshops, perfect for widening your network and immersing yourself in the Tunisian business and creative scenes. The space is open 24/7 and provides free snacks and coffee​​.

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West Africa


31. ​​Impact Hub, Accra

Impact Hub Accra is a gem for digital nomads in the center of Ghana’s lively capital. 

It offers more than just high-speed internet and comfortable workstations. Here, you’re at the heart of Accra’s tech and startup scene, surrounded by innovators and entrepreneurs. Regular events provide great networking opportunities. 

Located in Osu district, you’ll be close to cafes and cultural hotspots, making it perfect for work, play, and city explorations. 


32. AfricaWorks, Dakar

AfricaWorks has an easygoing vibe and supportive staff. It’s centrally located close to Dakar’s coolest neighborhoods, and has everything you need for a productive work session. 


33. Venia Business Hub, Lagos

Venia Business Hub opened in 2011, and is Nigeria’s leading serviced, virtual, and coworking space. Its designed to address the challenges Nigerian entrepreneurs face in finding affordable, accessible, and well-equipped workspaces. 

For digital nomads, Venia offers convenient workspaces in a fun but productive environment where you can meet lots of young Nigerian creatives and entrepreneurs. Its located in one of the most affluent and safe areas of Lagos, Lekki. This upscale area is a business and leisure hub, offering easy access to the city’s best restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions. You can enjoy the perfect balance between a productive work environment and the vibrant local lifestyle.

Indian Ocean Islands


34. Workshop17, multiple locations

Workshop17 has three locations in Mauritius, but my favorite is The Precinct in Grand Baie.

Grand Baie is one of the island’s best resort towns. ​​The location provides easy access to beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a lively atmosphere. After a productive work session, you can unwind on the beach, enjoy water sports, or explore the local markets and seaside restaurants.

If you want to be closer to the capital, Port Louis, Workshop17 Savannah is only a short drive from the city. The upcoming Telfair location in Moka Smart City is a mixed-use precinct that promises enhanced accessibility, vibrant pedestrian streets, and a variety of restaurants, bars, and shops.

Each location has been strategically chosen to offer unique advantages, whether it’s the bustling seaside life at Grand Baie, Savannah’s serene environment, or the soon-to-open Telfair’s urban vibe.

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35. Blend Seychelles 

Blend Seychelles appears to be the only coworking space in the Seychelles, built especially for freelancers and remote workers. It’s in the middle of Mahé, the main island, with everything you need to work. 

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