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The Travelling Wakili Tours

Lamu and Nairobi, Kenya

The Travelling Wakili is a unique travel company based in Kenya, emphasizing inclusivity and safety for women and queer individuals. Their core values include sustainability, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Reflecting its name, which means ‘The Travelling Lawyer’ in Swahili, the company specializes in two main services: scheduled group trips, which allow travelers to meet new people and form friendships, and custom packages with personalized itinerary planning.

Tours are designed to provide enriching travel experiences in Kenya and across Africa. They embrace the founder’s strong commitment to inclusivity, advocacy, and creating unique experiences for women and queer travellers in Africa.

Itineraries include: 

  1. 2-night Galentine’s Trip to Funzi Island: 3-day beach experience on an unspoiled area of the Kenyan Coast 1hr from Diani for women only. (170$)
  2. Overnight trip to Samburu over Easter: a roadtrip experience for those who enjoy hiking and adventure open to all. (100$)
  3. Watamu-Malindi Boat cruise: an exclusively queer boat cruise party to celebrate Pride Month and our 3rd Anniversary. (50$)
  4. 10-day Northern Kenya Experience: this is an overlanding experience for those who enjoy off the beaten path experiences. Immerse yourself in the rich history & culture that Turkana has to offer open to all. (800$)
  5. 3-day safari experience to the Mara: Come and enjoy one of the most famous parks in Kenya and enjoy both day & night safaris with an experienced guide while staying at a sustainable lodge open to all. (350$)
  6. Usher in the New Year in Ghana: this will be an 8 day trip to Ghana where we will attend the famous. Afrofuture Festival in Accra, visit the castles and learn about slave trade in Cape Coast then end with adventure at the Akosombo Region. (1500$)


  • Day trips: $80pp+
  • 4-day trips: $400pp+
  • Africa trips: $1,500pp+