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Nai Nami Nairobi City Tours



  • Experience the real Nairobi through the eyes of a street child
  • Get inspired by their captivating Life Stories and impressive Street Skills
  • See Downtown, the side of the city centre you won’t go yourself
  • Personal guide for every 2 people to facilitate an inspiring exchange
  • Local lunch at a Kibanda and softdrinks included
  • Social Impact: By booking a tour you give youth a future who never had a chance in life

About the Tours

Nai Nami Tours in Nairobi offers travelers a unique perspective of the city, diving deep into personal stories of resilience and transformation. It’s more than just a city tour; it’s a human connection, an opportunity to see Nairobi through the eyes of those who have lived its most challenging realities, and a testament to the power of storytelling as a force for change.

These narratives are not just about hardships but also about resilience, hope, and transformation.

Tours take you through the downtown areas of Nairobi, where you can learn about the city’s culture and history from a unique, personal perspective.


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$37 USD per person