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Dlala Nje Tours


Dlala Nje (“Just Play” in Zulu) is a community and social enterprise based in the Ponte City Tower in the Hillbrow neighborhood of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dlala Nje aims to challenge perceptions and break down the stigmas associated with the inner city of Johannesburg through immersive experiences and community-driven initiatives.


  1. Ponte City Experience: This tour takes visitors through the iconic Ponte City Tower, highlighting its rich history and providing a panoramic view of Johannesburg.

  2. Hillbrow Walking Tour: This tour delves into the history and current state of one of Johannesburg’s most misunderstood neighborhoods. Visitors learn about the area’s challenges, triumphs, and its vibrant culture.

  3. Yeoville Walking Tour: Yeoville is another iconic Johannesburg neighborhood, and this tour introduces visitors to its diverse community and offers a taste of African cuisine from various regions.

  4. Inner City Adventures: These tours explore various parts of Johannesburg’s inner city, showcasing its history, art, and culture.

In addition to tours, Dlala Nje also focuses on community initiatives, aiming to provide a safe space for children to play and learn. They operate a community center that offers various activities and workshops for the youth.


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I have taken Dlale Nje’s tours numerous times and confirm their quality, reliability, and safety. The guides are fantastic and they provide an incredible insight into life in Johannesburg and the city’s history. 



Tours start from R450 per person. 

~$ 25 USD as of Nov’ 2023.